Our shops are open from 10am – 8pm, 7 days a week! Please bring your items to us. Our specialist buyers will go through your goods and we will make you a ‘cash or exchange’ offer on the spot, meaning you will be given a cash offer with the option of receiving considerably more than that amount as exchange vouchers which you can use in any of our shops. For instance, if you wish to dispose of a collection of LPs you can either take cash or their exchange value in vouchers that you can use on CDs, books, DVDs, clothes, or maybe more LPs… The choice is yours. We have a “nothing legal refused” policy. We buy all kinds of clothes, all genres of music, all media formats. Please bear in mind that some items are more desirable than others, and as such we will give you the best possible price for your goods, considering their potential resale value in our shops (which can be very different from the retail price of your goods). You can find out from our buyers which items are likely to be worth more, so you can make the most from your goods. When you sell to us we ask that you provide current official ID and proof of address, such as a passport and recent bank statement or utility bill, or your driving licence. We can’t give price quotes for your items over the phone or via email, as the value will depend on the condition of the item and our levels of stock at the time you bring them to us. For any valuations or such enquiries, we will need to see the items and you need to bring them to our shops. Our buying is done over the counter, but in some specific circumstances we may come out to view large specialist collections. If you have a large specialist collection you are considering selling please phone ahead of time to discuss this with us – check out the Contact section for the relevant department.