Our Retro Man shop at 34 Pembridge Road lies in the heart of the fashionable area of Notting Hill in London. The shop has two floors which are filled with men’s clothing and accessories. You can find all types of fine tailored suits, shoes, jeans, shirts, bags and much more. We boast a large range of items because the stock is constantly being refreshed by our customers who both buy and sell to us, meaning you are sure to find something to your taste. Looking for a place to sell your old clothes in London? We are constantly looking to buy new, old, vintage and designer menswear. Our buyers are situated in the basement from 10am to 8pm and we consider every collection brought to us. We offer cash or exchange on items, so giving you every chance to upgrade your wardrobe or just make some cold hard cash. There are loads of bargains to be had at Retro Man and this is due to our reduction system where we reduce our stock periodically so the longer it stays in the shop the cheaper it may be. We periodically update our social media pages with the latest news and photos from our Retro Clothing shops. To find us simply click on the icons above.