In one of his 1980’s Driff’s Guides the infamous, almost mythical bookshop reviewer Driffield described the original Book and Comic Exchange shop as having the “aura of somewhere out of a Jim Thompson novel”. That was our old shop, a dingy cave above a musical instrument shop on Notting Hill Gate’s main drag. Since then we have moved to bigger and brighter premises in two shops on Pembridge Road. We also have a large selection of rare and interesting books, comics and graphic novels in our Amazon store, with fresh stock being added every day. New stock is added daily. Recent acquisitions have included: a full run of films and filming magazine from the 1950s to the 1980s, a collection of rare Aleister Crowley pamphlets, a run of slip-cased E.C. Comics reprints and a signed copy of The Classy Chiseller. As well as a wide selection of literary fiction, poetry and plays we are particularly strong on music, film, art and fashion related items. We also hold full shelves of sciences, history, military history, biography and cookery as well as our celebrated “sci-fi corridor”. We have thousands of books and comics with prices ranging from a few pence to hundreds of pounds. As one of the few bookshops to not list their shelved stock on the internet we remain one of the last places where dealers and general readers can rub shoulders and genuinely not know what is going to turn up next. Want to sell your old books and comics and receive cash or exchange? We offer great prices for quality stock with all collections accepted. You will find our expert buyers who are on hand to help every day from 10am to 8pm.